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CollX was born from a father-son duo that wanted to know the value of their trading cards. We’ve grown into a movement that’s redefining how people collect, and you’re at the front of this movement. Our ambassadors are helping bring CollX to the world; helping collectors level up their hobby.

Note: You must have a history of buying and selling on CollX to be considered for our ambassador program.
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Level Up to Club Status

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Use CollX to manage your collection and share about it on your social media networks. Bring new collectors to the app!
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Hype up the next generation of collectors online and at shows. Get featured on CollX’s social media platforms.
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Grow your audience and help them get started with buying and selling cards. Boost your own sales and earn CollX credit to buy new cards.
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Build community by referring new people to CollX. Get rewarded when people complete the onboarding process!
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Club Success Story

I love CollX because it gives me the prices my cards are worth, the option to sell or buy with no pressure other sites have, and the fact that the app is so simple to use in regards to upload and organize. Additionally, the community of card collectors the app has gathered has been outstanding. Looking at everyone’s collections and reaching out to other collectors who love collecting as much as everyone else does is a beautiful group to be a part of.

Joe Valentin

It's a great app that has come a long way over the past year. It gives me a price point for my collection and allows me to share it with others on the app. I use it mainly for trading, but others use it as a source of income. I recommend CollX to both beginner and seasoned collectors. Over 500,000 people have the app and it's a great card community. I really wish people who downloaded the app early last year would revisit it because it has improved tremendously.

Travis Kyger

I joined CollX over a year ago. The features on CollX were a lot different then other card apps. The ability to scan a card and have a price put right in front of you in seconds blew my mind! Without this app I would of never known the true value of my card collection. The CollX app is more than a card scanning app, it is where I have made some really good friends that share and enjoy the same hobby I do. CollX thank you for making this hobby enjoyable again.

Matt Doerschler

Club Success Story

CollX changed the way I collect sports cards

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My life-changing experience with CollX

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Show Your Love for CollX and the Hobby

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Teach people how to use CollX to buy, sell, and manage their collection.
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Recommend others who you think are a good fit for the CollX Club as well as those who are active sellers/buyers.
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Spread awareness of CollX through social media content and attendance at card shows.
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Maintain an active selling profile, listing new cards and reviewing offers on a regular basis.
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Routinely buy cards and start deals to add to your collection.
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Trial new product features and share feedback with employees.

Earn Awesome Rewards

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Marketplace Credit

Credits you can use to purchase cards on the CollX Marketplace.
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CollX Merch

CollX branded t-shirt, hat, beanie, mug and more.
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Cards & Boxes

Blaster Box, Hobby Box and more.

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Note: You must have a history of buying and selling on CollX to be considered for our ambassador program.
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