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What can CollX Pro unlock for you?

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Unlimited Collections

While the regular users can only have less than 500, pro users can have unlimited items in their collection.

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$10 Monthly Credit to Buy Cards

Subscribers to CollX Pro get a $10 credit every month to use towards purchasing cards on the CollX Marketplace

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Pin Cards to Top of Collections

Select cards to feature at the top of the your collection page. Make it easier for potential buyers to discover your best cards.

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CollX AI

Get a card coach in your pocket. CollX AI can answer virtually any questions about cards or the hobby in general.

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Export your collection

Get all of your collection and card details, including pricing and card-image URLs, in a CSV spreadsheet.

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CollX Pro Perks

Exclusive promotions and discounts to trading card and hobby partners, including BCW, Standup Displays, Zion Cases, NOCT, One of One, Mr Minty, Drip, Loupe, and more.

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Free 90-day CDP subscription

Supercharge your online card sales with Card Dealer Pro, our desktop software for rapidly scanning, identifying and listing your cards online on several marketplaces. 3-months free via CollX Pro Perks.

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iOS Family Sharing

Share your CollX Pro account with all members in your family on iOS

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Pro badge to make you stand out

Show off your Pro status and support CollX by sporting a spiffy new Pro badge throughout the app.

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An illustration of the trading card listings
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Card locations

Keeping track of where your cards are stored is crucial to any power collector or seller. Use CollX Pro to store the location of batches of cards, so you can easily retrieve them and see what cards are in different boxes.


  • $9.99
  • per month
All the Pro features included, paid monthly.
  • $99.99
  • per year
All the pro features included, paid yearly.
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