Buying and Selling on CollX

How to sell an item

  1. Add an item to your CollX collection
  2. List it for sale by adding an Asking Price
  3. Update your Seller Settings (in Profile>Settings) to specify shipping preferences, automatic seller discounts, and whether you’re accepting offers
  4. Respond to any offers that come in
  5. Agree on a price, ship the item, get paid!

How to buy an item

  1. Find an item you’re interested in from another collector, add it to a Deal
  2. See other items from the seller you like? Add those to the deal
  3. Buy Now or make an Offer
  4. Once you’ve agreed on a price, check out
  5. Receive the item, thank the seller, submit feedback


Deals are a unique feature of CollX, where you can negotiate on one or more items directly with a seller. After you add an item to a Deal, you can choose to Buy Now (if the item in question has a For Sale price listed) or Make an Offer. If you go the offer route, the seller has the option to accept, reject, or counteroffer. You’ll be notified every time your Deal status updates. Once you agree upon a price, you have a final Deal, and can check out.

At any point in Deal negotiation, you can view the status from the CollX Profile screen. Select My Deals to see negotiations where you are the Buyer, and My Buyers to see the deals where you are the Seller. You can also view the messaging thread with your counterparty at any time to ask questions or send them a nudge.


If you Buy Now or finalize a Deal, you are taken to Checkout, where you can apply your credit card, add a shipping address (if one isn’t already saved), and finalize your purchase. Every purchase generates an Order Details view, which you can revisit at any time to track the status of your order or sale. If you encounter any issues or problems, you can reach out to the other party through the messaging link on the Order Details. If you encounter a problem or need to request a refund, you can do that on this screen as well. Finally, we suggest rating the seller (1-5 stars) after the transaction is complete.

Seller Tools

As a seller, you should always specify your preferences. From the Profile screen, select Settings > Seller Tools to see the options. The preferences include:

  • Bulk Listing — Optional preference to bulk list (or de-list) all of your cards
  • Accept Offers — Choose whether or not to accept offers from buyers, or else only sell cards for your Asking Price
  • Seller Discount — Choose whether to offer a bulk discount when buyers reach certain price points
  • Shipping Label — Confirm who pays for shipping, and whether you want to use CollX shipping or specify your own shipping fee
  • Taxpayer Info — If you sell more than $600, you must add your taxpayer information so that CollX can issue you a 1099

My Money

My Money is where you keep track of the money you’ve earned on CollX. There are three ways you can have money on CollX:

  • Credit — Credits are issued by CollX for various achievements. These can only be used towards transactions on the app and cannot be withdrawn.
  • Pending — This is money that is pending based on recent transactions, where items have been purchased, but not yet received or confirmed yet. This money is in a holding pattern and cannot be used on additional transactions or withdrawn.
  • Balance — This is money that has been released for items you’ve sold, which you can use towards future transactions or which you can withdraw to your bank account.

CollX Protect

We will give you a full refund if your item never ships or does not match the listing description or image. Otherwise, all sales are final.

Refund Policy

When you make a purchase, we don't release payment to the seller until you confirm receipt or if more than 14 days have elapsed. If an item is shipped with a label generated by CollX, which has tracking, you have 3 days after delivery to inform us if the item has been misrepresented. If you Report Problem on the order screen, we ask that you provide some details and a photograph. If we verify your claim, you can return the item to the seller and we’ll refund your payment. All returns must be shipped back within 5 days of approval to be eligible for a refund.

What’s Covered?

You can report the following as a grounds for getting a refund:

  • Undisclosed damage
  • Incorrect or missing item
  • Item not as photographed

If no claim is made within 3 days of delivery, payment will be automatically released to the seller. Once payment has been released, all sales are final and no refunds will be provided

What’s Not Covered?

We will not issue a refund for any of the following reasons:

  • I changed my mind
  • I did a transaction outside of the CollX checkout
  • I made a trade with another user

Commissions and Fees

CollX charges a 10% commission to the seller for transactions using the CollX platform and checkout. This is inclusive of 3% credit card processing fees.

Taxes are paid by the Buyer.

The Seller may opt to cover the shipping costs themselves, or pass along to the buyer. The Seller may choose whether to use the CollX shipping labels or to specify a shipping cost on their own.


Sellers choose whether to pay for shipping or to have the buyer pay. Sellers can also choose whether to have CollX generate a shipping label or if they want to use their own shipping option and specify the cost for that.

CollX shipping labels offer a couple options: CollX Envelope is the most inexpensive way to ship cards via USPS. Sellers will receive tracking for $0.75 (1oz), $1.00 (2oz) or $1.25 (3oz). If your package is over $50 or 3oz, it will default to sending as a package.
If you are sending as a package, we ship via USPS for 1st class packages under 16 oz. We recommend using a bubble mailer or small box. Shipping rates vary based on distance between buyer and seller but are typically about $5.

All items should be properly protected. Cards should be in penny sleeves with top loaders, with cardboard on either side, taped in place. CollX sellers can device who pays for shipping: the buyer or the seller. Sellers who offer free shipping always tend to perform better!

In our Shipping Settings, Sellers can also choose whether to have CollX generate a shipping label, or whether they will generate the label. If CollX is creating the label, sellers must select whether they want to ship via CollX Envelope (the least expensive way to ship Raw cards) or Package (recommended for larger lots and graded cards).

The shipping costs will be factored into the final order checkout flow in CollX.


Shipping cards safely is easy, with a little advance planning and careful packaging. CollX strongly urges anyone selling cards to follow these simple guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove sellers who do not.

For Raw Cards, secure your shipment by protecting the cards with penny sleeves, team bags and toploaders. Any Raw Card over $25 should have its own penny sleeve & toploader.

For Graded Cards, you should also user bubble wrap or foam padding around the card prior to putting it inside the bubble mailer. This will provide further protection during shipping.

All orders should be shipped within envelopes or bubble mailers that offer protection based on the guidelines above. Failure to meet these guidelines in the case of a damaged package will result in the seller reimbursing the buyer for damages.

CollX Envelope

Every cent matters when you’re shipping trading cards, and nothing is more annoying than the postage costing as much as the cards. CollX Envelope is a low-cost shipping label that comes with integrated, limited tracking and shipping protection.

This option is far better than a regular stamp; sellers will receive tracking for $0.75 (1oz), $1.00 (2oz) or $1.25 (3oz). It also saves you up to 75% compared to USPS First Class Package Service.

In addition to having a tracking code on your shipments, both buyer and seller will also get email notifications. Simply drop your envelope off at any USPS location, blue mailbox in town, or even your home mailbox.

A plain, number 10 envelope works just fine, but it’s not required. You can use any envelope that fits the following specifications:

  • No smaller than 3.5” x 5”
  • No larger than 6.125” x 11.5”
  • No heavier than 3 oz.
  • No plastic, strings or closures
  • Recipient address is parallel to envelope’s longest side.
  • Uniform thickness not greater than .25”


CollX also supports USPS First Class parcel post, for packages up to 16 oz. When shipping several cards in top loaders or graded slabs, we always recommend using a bubble mailers and shipping with the package option. Any shipment over 3 oz will default to the Package shipping option. Package rates range from $3.62-$5.74 depending on weight and distance. All packages include USPS tracking, including delivery confirmation.

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