CollX Card Trivia
Giveaways at The National 2024

CollX will be hosting daily trivia contests and pack giveaways at our booth at The National: July 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. We'll also be holding giveaways for $1,000 Ricoh 8170 Scanners, free CollX marketplace credit, and other prizes!
Not attending the show? Sign up to participate in our daily live giveaways on the Whatnot app!
Click on any of the links below to be entered to participate in the trivia.

Wednesday, July 24, 6pm est — Live at The National

Thursday, July 25, 1pm est — Whatnot

Thursday, July 25, 3pm est — Live at The National

Friday, July 26, 1pm est — Fanatics Live

Friday, July 26, 3pm est — Live at The National

Saturday, July 27, 1pm est — Whatnot

Saturday, July 27, 3pm est — Live at The National

Sunday, July 28, 11am est — Live at The National

Tune into our Tiktok Page every day to watch the live trivia at The National,
and join our Whatnot and Fanatics Live streams to participate even if you're not at the show.
Thanks for entering and see you at The National!

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