CollX changed the way I collect sports cards

User story


Travis is an avid sports card collector who was looking for a better way to manage his collection. In this case study, we will explore how Travis became a CollX ambassador and how the app has changed the way he collects sports cards.

Initial Experience with CollX

Travis downloaded CollX in September 2021 and was immediately impressed by the app's features. He was able to quickly scan his collection and get a price estimate for each card. He also appreciated the ability to easily search for and connect with other collectors.

Becoming a CollX Ambassador

Travis became a CollX ambassador in January 2022 after using the app for several months. He loves the trading experience on the app and has made many friends who share his hobby. He has also used the app to connect with collectors who live in other parts of the country and has been able to expand his collection through trades.

Impact on Collecting

CollX has changed the way Travis collects sports cards. He now has a better understanding of the value of his collection and has been able to make more informed decisions about buying and selling cards. He also enjoys the social aspect of the app and the opportunity to connect with other collectors.


Travis's experience with CollX has been overwhelmingly positive. The app has helped him to manage and grow his collection while also connecting him with other collectors. He is grateful to CollX for creating a platform that has made collecting sports cards more enjoyable and accessible.

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