My life-changing experience with CollX

User story
Matt Doerschler


Matt Doerschler joined CollX over a year ago and found the app intimidating and not very user-friendly at first. However, he saw the potential of the app and stuck with it. In this case study, we will explore how Matt became a CollX ambassador and how the app has impacted his life.

Initial Experience with CollX

Matt was initially impressed with the features on CollX, which were different than other card apps. He was blown away by the ability to scan a card and have its price displayed in seconds. He was surprised to find out that some of his old cards were worth more than he ever imagined. Without the CollX app, he would have never known the true value of his card collection.

Becoming a CollX Ambassador

Matt's positive experiences with the app led him to become a CollX ambassador. He loves the trading experience on the app and has made many friends who share his hobby. He trades on the app daily and knows the teams and players that his trading partners like. The CollX app has given him the opportunity to make friends from all across the country and to put cards that don’t have much value to him in the right hands of someone who values those cards more.


Matt's experience with CollX has been life-changing. The app has not only helped him to discover the value of his card collection but has also allowed him to make friends and connect with people who share his passion. He is grateful to CollX for making this hobby enjoyable again and for allowing him to make friends all across the country.

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